Not Your Daughters Jeans

25 Mar

Not Your Daughters Jeans – NYDJ For Women Who Want Style Without Compromising on Comfort

Jeans are a fundamental part of a woman’s wardrobe, they can be worn with shirts, jackets, sweaters and there is no shortage of what a pair of jeans look good with, in terms of footwear. From heels to ballet pumps, a pair of jeans is a must for any woman. NYDJ launched onto the market in 2002 and the designer, Lisa Rudes Sandel who highlighted a problem that all women have with jeans. Women are not a standard size, what may fit on the hips may not fit on the waist, leaving gaping holes, forever hoisting jeans up and that irritating feeling of jeans not sitting on the waist properly. This company was born in an ever evolving market of jean designers and they have certainly proved to be market leaders. Specifically designed for women of all shapes and sizes, they not only concentrate on how a woman looks, the designers look at how women feel and there are few finer feelings than looking in the mirror and feeling completely satisfied with the image. NYDJ offer a range of jeans in denim and non-denim and choosing which pair will be hard, women will want them all.


NYDJ are not passive players when it comes to skinny jeans. Designed with an exclusive panel that flattens the tummy and lifts the bottom, the range of skinny jeans are of a comfortable, soft denim which flatters any figure. The Skinny Jeans come in a range of dark and light washes and there is a fabulous range of pin cords in Skinny style that come in a choice of bright colours and are made from a lovely soft cord. All Skinny jeans come in a 32″ inside leg and have a 23cm rise and are machine washable.

Straight Cut

Ever popular, the straight leg cut of NYDJ features the same exclusive panel which lifts the bottom and flattens the tummy. The straight leg cut comes in a wide range of washes and this style of jean gives a longer and leaner look to your shape and the 23cm rise ensures comfort and prevents dropping of the jeans to uncomfortable levels. Available in two leg lengths of 32″ and 29.5″ for petite ladies.

Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans streamlines legs and will give you a look that can come straight from the office to an evening out. These jeans are comfortable and offers the exclusive tummy and bottom life panel which will keep everything in place and give you style and comfort. With a snug fit from the waist to the thighs with narrowing in the correct places and a wider hem, the classic boot leg never loses the sophistication, the cut was designed for.

The Wide Leg and Trouser Styles are offered in a 33″ leg length which really show off your pins in a timeless look. A tailored look, in the form of a pair of jeans, one couldn’t make it up if they tried.

Whichever style you choose, Not Your Daughters Jeans have been designed with a universal fit in mind. All the styles have the same cut on the hips through to the thighs with the only difference being in the cut of the lower leg. There are endless designer jeans on the market, but what makes these jeans so popular, is the technology used to make women look trimmer and women are thrilled that they can truly order a size smaller which brings a feel good factor in an age of celebrity looks. Since their launch in 2002, NYDJ have sold millions of pairs of jeans globally and are active, leading players in the market of jeans.


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